Miles-Long Saga Of Boo Boo The Black Bear Reaches Wareham

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WAREHAM, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — If Boo-Boo the Bear goes any further south, he'll have to start swimming.

The black bear has been roaming around the South Shore, sending out warnings from Hingham, all the way to the South Coast. Now, he's reached Wareham, according to the town's Department of Natural Resources — and he'll hit Buzzard's Bay if he doesn't turn around.

It's the latest stop in the bear's 50-plus-mile journey. The earliest sightings by local agencies seem to have started in the interior South Shore in places like Taunton, Plympton and Halifax. From there, the bear's trek has formed a rough horseshoe-like shape, going up as far north as Hingham and then down along the coast through places like Cohasset, Marshfield, and Duxbury, eventually ending up where he was last spotted in South Wareham on Sunday.

The 2-year old bear is likely looking for a mate, and for food, so wildlife specialists said to remove bird feeders and make sure all trash and recycling containers were secured. He also has taken a particular liking to meat residue on grills and sweet treats, like donut glaze.

The bear has been docile and shy so far, but officials warn to keep away and not approach it.

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Written by Chaiel Schaffel

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