MIT Video Shows 'Mini Cheetah' Robots In Action

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — The future is here and it can play soccer...almost.

The latest robots at MIT have been dubbed "mini cheetahs" and were taken out to run, back flip, and even kick a ball around.

At 20 pounds, the four-legged robot can walk twice as fast as a human.

The robots are able to jump 360 degrees and adjust to uneven ground.

Mini cheetahs are the latest iteration of the cheetah robots. The Cheetah 3, which was larger and heavier, had custom parts and needed a stabilizer. The mini cheetahs have easy-to replace parts because they have multiple motors.

The lead developer, Ben Katz, told MIT News that moving forward they are going to try to get the mini cheetah to land on its feet when tossed.

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