Nantucket Experiences A Baby Boom During Nor'easter

Photo: Getty Images

NANTUCKET, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — The Nor'easter that peaked Wednesday, left thousands of people in Massachusetts without power. But among the chaotic weather, Nantucket Cottage Hospital allegedly had a surge of infant deliveries, as NCH's Labor and Delivery department delivered five newborns, three of which were unplanned.

"It used to be an old wives' tale that storms cause babies to be delivered, but over the years we've seen that when barometric pressure drops, waters break prematurely and babies are delivered," said Beverly Turney, the Nurse Manager at NCH's Labor, Delivery Recovery and Postpartum Department.

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The NCH made an Instagram post about the influx of deliveries, expanding on the point that researchers have often suggested that a low barometric pressure can cause a mother's water to break early.

Turney said, "when these things happen we always have to make sure we're fully staffed and the team is rested and ready for what the week will bring."

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