NH Man Charged With Arson After Setting Bus On Fire

(Brandon Middaugh Credit: Nashua, NH Police)

NASHUA, New Hampshire (WBZ NewsRadio) — A Nashua, NH man has been charged with arson after setting a bus on fire next to his home.

Nashua Police say that Brandon Middaugh, 27, was arrested and charged with arson, simple assault, and resisting arrest.

On February 19 around 11:12 p.m., Police were called to 40 Chestnut Street for a fire.

Once they arrived they saw that the fire which had initially started on a bus, owned by the Chestnut Street Mission at that same location, was moving and causing damage to an apartment building.

Authorities say that both the vehicle and residential building sustained significant damage.

Middaugh was spotted on scene and was placed under arrest for initially assaulting a person, who suffered minor injuries and was later identified as being responsible for starting the fire, Police say.

It was not immediately clear as to why Middaugh started the fire or what sparked the assault with the injured person.

The charges are punishable by up to seven years in prison, not exclusive of fines.

Middaugh was held on preventive detention and arraigned in the Hillsborough County Superior Court – South on February 20.

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