National Retail Federation Says Cash Might Not Be King Anymore

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HINGHAM, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Most people cannot remember the last time they used cash, or if they can, it has usually been a long time.

The National Retail Federation said over 80 percent of all transactions are made with plastic or digital wallets and close to 50 percent of consumers never use cash in a typical week. With so many customers switching to mobile-pay apps, like Apple Pay or Cash App, some stores have even banned cash payments.

WBZ NewsRadio’s Chris Fama spoke to residents at Derby Street Shops in Hingham, Mass. to see how they prefer to pay.

“I’m definitely paying with card. I usually don’t carry cash on me just because change and everything is kind of hard to carry in a purse,” said Heather.

“It’s cool to have cash on you just in case maybe there’s a homeless person on the side of the road and you just want to give back,” said Philip who typically uses Cash App.

“I think not accepting cash is just very ignorant,” said Jeremy while shopping.

WBZ's Chris Fama (CFamaWBZ) reports.

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