New England Aquarium Honors 40-Year-Old Ticket From The 1980's

Photo: Rachel Carle

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Staying power took on a whole new meaning for one customer at the New England Aquarium last week. Rachel Carle of Boston presented a ticket that was nearly 40 years old at the New England Aquarium — and got in.

The story started 38 years ago, when Carle's great aunt Kit showed up at the New England Aquarium late in the day, when most of the exhibits were closed. The aquarium gave Kit a ticket to come back another day.

"She also got a kick out of the fact that it said 'come back anytime.' So she committed to that joke for 38 years," said Carle.

Kit fished the beaten-up ticket out of her wallet and gave it to Carle last fall when she was moving to Boston.

She visited the aquarium on Thursday. "As I walked up to the ticket counter, I just said, 'I have a ridiculous question...'" she said.

And after checking the ticket's authenticity, and seeing that it had no expiration date, the aquarium let Carle in.

Kit felt sure the ticket would be valid despite its advanced age.

"She really did believe that they would honor it, so I'm glad she had faith in it," Carle said.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) reports:

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