Jeopardy! Contestants Struggle With New England Patriots Questions

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The rest of the country might hate the Patriots, but if this Jeopardy clip is any indicator, they sure don't know them.

The New England Patriots were featured as a category called "Patriot Games" on Thursday night's episode of the game show. Contestants had to answer five questions about the team, and only got two of them right.

Here were the questions.

For $400: This head coach has led the New England Patriots to victory in 6 Super Bowls.

A: Bill Belichick (Jennifer got it right).

For $800: On Oct. 11, 1963, the Red Sox weren't playing; it was the Patriots' first game of 6 seasons in this home field.

A: Fenway Park (Nobody got it right; for some reason, they all guessed arenas in Chicago).

For $1200: In his NFL debut in the year 2000, this Pats QB completed 1 of 3 passes in a 34-9 loss to Detroit; he got better.

A: Tom Brady (Kelly got it right).

For $1600: On a cold 1982 day, Mark Henderson used a small John Deere to make the kicker's job easier in what became known as the "this machine" game.

A: The Snow Plow Game (No, not the Lawn Mower Game or the Snow Blower Game).

For $2000: The Patriots' win in the 2019 AFC Title Game came 1 day shy of 25 years since this man bought the team.

A: Robert Kraft. (Nobody even guessed!)

Kevin Coleman asked Pats fans on Boylston Street those same questions Friday. Find out how they did below!

(Photo: Getty Images)

WBZ NewsRadio's Kevin Coleman (@KevinColemanWBZ) reports

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