New Hampshire Woman Votes Topless

EXETER, N.H. (WBZ NewsRadio) — A woman cast her ballot in New Hampshire's state primary while topless, after officials told her the t-shirt she was wearing was not allowed inside the polls.

According to the Union Leader, the woman arrived Tuesday at the Talbot Gymnasium donning a shirt with a political message and images of President Trump and late Senator John McCain, which appeared to be a pro-McCain/anti-Trump shirt.

Despite President Trump's name not being on the ballot until the general election in November, Town Moderator Paul Scafidi told the woman she had to either cover it up or remove the shirt, because it could otherwise be considered electioneering inside the polls.

"She said, ‘You want me to take my shirt off? That’s what you want?'" Scafidi told the Union Leader. "Boom! The shirt’s off, and she’s standing there saying, ‘How’s this?'" Scafidi said he responded; “Whatever you want, ma’am.”

The woman did hold the shirt over her breasts while the ballot clerk looked up her name, and it was a slower time of day with only about 15 other voters in the gymnasium, none of whom were children, the Union Leader said.

Select Board member Julie Gilman, who also witnessed the incident, said it was over before police could have seen any public display of nudity.

"By the time the interaction occurred there was no action for them to take," Gilman told the Union Leader. "If she wandered around the (polls) you could make the case of public nudity that was inappropriate."

According to Citizens Count, New Hampshire’s public indecency statute does not include a ban on females baring their breasts in public.

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