Newly Proposed World's Tallest Flagpole Would Honor Veterans

Photo: Flagpole of Freedom

COLUMBIA FALLS, M.E. (WBZ NewsRadio) — A proposal is looking to put the world's tallest flag pole in rural Maine, as a monument to U.S. veterans.

The proposed "Flagpole of Freedom" would feature not only the world's tallest flagpole but also the world's largest American flag, as a way to honor all of the around 24 million veterans in the U.S. The pole itself would stand taller than the Empire State Building and feature two observation decks and a museum.

The plan also includes a large remembrance park around the pole, which would feature 55 remembrance walls, one for each state and territory, with the names of every deceased veteran from the Revolutionary War to the modern-day. The park would also contain six different museums and a 4,000 seat venue.

“Almost every family in the United States will be connected to this Park in some way," founder Morrill Worcester said in a statement. "We want to bring Americans together, remind them of the centuries of sacrifice made to protect our freedom, and unite a divided America."

The monument would comprise 2,500 acres of land in Columbia Falls. The founders of the project chose Columbia Falls because of the declining population and economic challenges in Washington County, where the town is located. The county lost 1,671 residents between the 2010 and 2020 Census, which is about 5 percent of the population, according to Flagpole of Freedom.

“We need a solution to reverse these trends or Washington County’s young people will continue to leave in search of meaningful work,” Washington County Senator Marianne Moore said in a statement. “Flagpole of Freedom Park not only will honor our veteran-rich heritage but will create abundant opportunities for our area to thrive.”

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Flagpole of Freedom said the project would create an estimated 8,000 year-round jobs in the region and produce an estimated $27 million a year in tax revenue. Phase one of the project will cost one billion dollars and be funded through private donations.

If funded, the project is set to open on July 4, 2026, to mark the nation's 250th anniversary.

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