Norwood Airport, Public Work Together To Mitigate Neighborhood Flight Noise

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NORWOOD, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Norwood residents and officials at the Norwood Airport Commission are digging in to try and find a solution to reduce the noise coming from a heightened number of planes flying over neighborhoods.

The Wednesday meeting between the NAC and residents may have become contentious at times, but the two parties proved they were willing to work with each other. The neighborhoods between and around Rock Street and Winfield Street lays a mile northwest of the runways at Norwood Memorial Airport, just across Route 1.

The NAC offered some answers as to why the number of flights landing and taking off has increased. Contributing to the boosted air traffic are construction on runways, wind weather patterns, and a spike in students at the airport's three flight schools during an ongoing pilot shortage.

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With level heads, the two groups worked towards a compromise.

"We're not asking to shut the airport down, we're asking to work with the airport— which seems to be happening, to redirect the flights, not reduce business, and have some peace going forward," said one concerned resident.

The NAC pointed out that the Federal Aviation Administration controls the direction of where training planes can and can't operate, but said that a conversation could be had.

"The FAA controls that, we can ask the flight schools 'let's put a schedule together to relieve some of the flight over the neighborhoods'," a NAC official said.

WBZ's Chris Fama (@CFamaWBZ) reports.

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