Ode To Opening Day At Fenway Park

As the Red Sox begin their home opener at Fenway Park, WBZ NewsRadio's in-house poet Carl Stevens writes about how Tuesday's home opener marks the end of winter and the beginning of renewal for the World Champions.

Opening Day

By Carl Stevens

It’s opening day on this brisk afternoon.

It’s cold, but baseball never comes too soon.

Not in this town, not now, not here.

Peanuts and popcorn, hot dogs and beer.

Winter is over, with tulips soon rising,

The days will get warmer, the sun will start shining.

Kids in bare feet will run on the beach.

Fans in the stands will rise from their seats.

It’s been quite a century for the Sox so far.

They reached for the moon and captured a star.

Four championships in less than twenty years.

We’ve had more laughter than we’ve had tears.

Today we exchange high fives with our mothers,

As the team celebrates yet another.

As the garter snake slithers and the robin sings,

The team will get their championship rings.

Bogaerts and Betts, Martinez and Sale,

This was the team that refused to fail.

And so we pay tribute to the games they won

Beneath a night sky or under the sun.

It’s a nice memory, fresh on this day:

How the Sox beat the Dodgers out in L.A.

They’ve had a rough start so far this year,

But it’s early, much too early, to fear.

So before we worry about tomorrow and all,

Let’s pause today and remember the Fall.

The Star Spangled Banner is about to start.

Let’s cheer the champs at Fenway Park.

Happy opening day Red Sox fans,

WBZ NewsRadio's Carl Stevens (@CarlWBZ) reports.

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