Patriots Defensive End Lawernce Guy Talks Thanksgiving Favorites

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FOXBOROUGH, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — The New England Patriots did not have a game on Thanksgiving, but that didn’t stop one player from giving his thoughts on Thanksgiving.

Patriots defensive end Lawrence Guy spent about 10 minutes talking to the media about his favorite Thanksgiving dishes. It is almost certain the Guy household had some sweet potatoes.

“[My] favorite food on Thanksgiving is anything to do with sweet potatoes. Sweet patio pie, sweet potato casserole, I’m a sweet potato person,” said Guy.

Another one of Guy’s favorites involves combining a turkey, a duck and a chicken.

 “I used to love, I don’t know how to do them, but the turduckens? Oh God. You get a good turducken with some Hawaiian bread on there, warm that up, elite,” said Guy.

Guy also said he does not eat as much at recent Thanksgiving dinners as he did growing up.

“Back in the day, I used to eat a lot more than I do now. I know it’s surprising you with this figure,” said Guy.

Guy also said he welcomes any defensive Patriot players at his home on Thanksgiving.

WBZ's Brian Antonelli (@RadioBoyGu) reports.

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