Red Zone Report: Is This Spygate 2?

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The Patriots are coming off a loss to the Chiefs—and a potential scandal some are calling "Spygate 2"—as they ready to face the Bengals Sunday afternoon.

WBZ NewsRadio's Adam Kaufman and Boston Globe NFL reporter Ben Volin discuss the team's troubles on and off the field in the Week 15 Red Zone Report.

The Patriots admitted to filming the Bengals' sideline last weekend in Cleveland for their "Do Your Job" documentary, but Bill Belichick is adamant the football team and its coaches had nothing to do with it.

Patriots Admit Video Crew Filmed The Bengals' Sideline, Deny Any Wrongdoing - Thumbnail Image

Patriots Admit Video Crew Filmed The Bengals' Sideline, Deny Any Wrongdoing

Does Volin think the Patriots got caught doing something nefarious again?

"As skeptical as I'm trained to be, I do actually buy what the Patriots are selling here," Volin said. "I do believe this was a big oversight, and a matter of just a few details completely falling through the cracks, a breakdown of the system on behalf of the Patriots. They certainly broke the rules, and they admitted as such, so they're not even running from the fact that they broke the rules this time—but I really have a hard time believing that this was the football department, and that this wasn't just a case of a TV producer not understanding the rules and thinking he could just capture some B-roll of the field from the press box."

The Pats have lost three of five of their last games, to the Ravens, Texans, and Chiefs. How does Volin feel about the Patriots' chances against those squads in the playoffs?

"I don't like the Patriots chances on the road against any of those teams," Volin said. "If Houston had to come in to Foxboro, I think the Patriots could take care of them, but if it were the Chiefs again, they just proved they can win, and that's a very tough match-up with Andy Reid and the Chiefs. And I don't like the Patriots having to go to Baltimore in the AFC Championship Game if that's what it comes to. I realize it was looking like this last year, but they were a much healthier offense last year than they are now."

Volin also gives his prediction for Sunday's game, and discusses Tom Brady's situation—are we running out of reasons to think the QB will re-sign in New England?

Listen to this week's Red Zone Report with Adam Kaufman (@adammkaufman) and Ben Volin (@BenVolin):

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