Plymouth Rally Against Radioactive Water Dump Gains Bipartisan Support

Photo: Tim Dunn / WBZ's NewsRadio

PLYMOUTH, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — The push against the idea of potentially dumping radioactive water into Cape Cod Bay from the now decommissioned nuclear power plant in Plymouth, has gained bipartisan support.

During a rally near Plymouth Rock, gubernatorial candidate Geoff Diehl and Massachusetts Attorney General candidate Quentin Palfrey made an appearance, speaking on their opposition to any Pilgrim Station decommissioning plan involving dumping potentially contaminated water into the bay.

Protesters rallied at the Plymouth waterfront, some holdings signs that said "Speak out to halt Holtec and save our bay! Dump in our bay? No Way!"

"Consumers are not going to buy oysters and scallops they think are radioactive," said Mary Lampert of the environmental organization Pilgrim Watch

Republican Diehl said he was in attendance to protect the bay, and "to make sure that Holtec and the decommissioning work that's being done is done safely and not in a way that negatively impacts our environment and our economy."

"It's an outrageous approach and also a really bad idea. This is going to be terrible for our environment, for our fishing industry, and for tourism," said Democrat Palfrey.

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Kelly Trice, the President of Holtec Decommissioning International, said in January that the process of discharge would be in small batches and have very little or no impact to the environment. Though Holtec has stated that they have not reached a final decision on discharge plans, Trice said that they will remain open and transparent with communication regarding the safe decommissioning of the plant.

WBZ's Tim Dunn (@ConsiderMeDunn) reports.

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