Prosecutors Disclose New Details In Kidnap Case

BOSTON (AP) — The man charged with kidnapping a woman outside a Boston bar, holding her hostage for several days, and repeatedly raping her, has pleaded not guilty.

Victor Pena was held without bail at his Superior Court arraignment Wednesday.

Prosecutors say the 38-year-old Pena found the intoxicated 23-year-old woman Jan. 19 near the Faneuil Hall-area bar where she had been with her sister and friends, took her home, and over three days raped her, fed her only canned pineapple and alcohol, said they would start a family together, and took selfies with her. Prosecutors say he threatened to kill her when she tried to leave.

Pena's lawyer, William Barabino, says the woman went with his client voluntarily. Pena's brother said his sibling has mental health issues and the woman is "completely lying."

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