Raw Milk Farm Holds Fundraiser To Usher Into The Modern Age

Two Holstein-Friesian cows in field, England

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FOXBORO, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) – Dairy farms that sell raw milk are few and far between and one such farm in Foxboro held a fundraiser Saturday to help bring its milking system into the 21st century.

Terry Lawton’s family has owned the farmland for nearly 300 years. She said King George gifted Lawton’s family the land as part of grant in 1732.

Lawton and her husband became the 11th generation owners about two years ago. Her reason behind the fundraiser was to modernize the farm so that her sons could become the 12th generation owners.

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“The barn that we milk in is a barracks from World War II that my great-grandfather had brought to the farm,” Lawton said. “We’d really like to update our milking systems so that we’re actually milking with 21st century technology.”

While some people may be skeptical about drinking raw milk, Lawton says her raw milk and cheeses are completely safe to consume.

“We work very hard to keep it as clean as or cleaner than pasteurized milk. So we have to be under certain bacteria thresholds in order to be licensed by the state.”

Lawton also said that their farm’s milk changes flavor with the seasons. She described this as “experiencing the seasons on a whole new level.”

Overall, Lawton says it is better for people to know that they are getting raw milk directly from the source rather than from a factory.

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