Ready The Sunscreen: A Heat Wave Is On The Way

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Summer is certainly not starting off shy. After a somewhat underwhelming Memorial Day Weekend with abnormally cold temperatures and rain, a reversal is in the cards for the weekend and early next week.

Temperatures will soar into the 90's, and may meet the state criteria for a heat wave, which is three consecutive days with temperatures higher than 90 degrees.

Things will start to heat up on Saturday, with the mercury hitting 87 degrees in Boston proper, with cooler temperatures toward the coast and especially on the islands.

Blazing heat moves into town Sunday, with temps of up to 93 in Boston, and peak heat will hit Monday, with highs hitting 95-97 throughout the state, except for the Cape and Islands. Tuesday will still be hot, but will be the off-ramp before we return to more normal weather.

The abnormally high temperatures could cause different medical conditions, ranging from the more mild heat cramps, which happen when someone sweats too much, to heat stroke, which happens when someone dangerously overheats and can be deadly.

Chances for rain are low and the weather should be mostly sunny, so you'll feel the heat.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) spoke to several people about the upcoming weather:

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