Recount For Tiny Mass. GOP Election Stirs Lawsuit, Controversy

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Nicaela Chinnaswamy, a candidate in a GOP state committee race from last March, is suing Massachusetts Secretary of State Bill Galvin.

No candidates officially ran for GOP Committeewoman for Suffolk's Second District, and none of the three write-in candidates got more than 50 votes in the original count, so it was up to the state GOP choose someone for the seat.

The state GOP chose Eleanor Greene.

More than a year later, Chinnaswamy asked the Boston Elections Commission for a recount, saying she was cheated. The results: 65 votes for Chinnaswamy, and 51 for the runner-up Greene.

She is suing Secretary of State Bill Galvin to recognize the results, but Galvin said recounts need to be requested within four days of the end of an election.

"Not only didn't they do it then...they waited a year," he said.

And besides, Galvin said, this is a GOP election, not a state one, so the state party leaders should be the ones to seat Chinnaswamy, or not.

"Now that they've failed to get recourse from the Republican party, they're trying to get the state involved, and the state has not business in this. It's a party matter, let the party decide if they want to seat anybody."

Nicaela Chinnaswamy declined to comment.

WBZ's Shari Small (@ShariSmallNews) has more:

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