Rep. McGovern Visits Border Facility, Says Inhumanity Is 'Overwhelming'

Inside McAllen, Texas border facility

(Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney/Twitter)

McALLEN, Texas (WBZ NewsRadio) — Massachusetts Rep. Jim McGovern was among a group of Democratic members of Congress to visit a Texas border facility on Saturday.

The facility, near McAllen, Texas, was also one of the facilities that Vice President Mike Pence visited on Friday.

According to McGovern, the facility is overcrowded, with some saying they have not had a shower in over 40 days. Migrants sleep on concrete floors, and lights are not turned off at night. Some said that “they have gone hungry.”

“The inhumanity of this place is overwhelming,” McGovern wrote in a tweet.

“What’s happening at the border is terrible. And I think everybody who’s seen the pictures and read the stories are shaken to the core as to how much cruelty there is here,” McGovern told WBZ NewsRadio.

McGovern said he was shown by U.S. Customs and Border Protection a captured car that had been carrying meth in its gas tank.

“The vast majority of illegal drugs come through ports of entry. That’s according to our officers at the border. Let’s invest in them rather than a stupid wall,” McGovern wrote in a tweet Saturday.

McGovern, as well as the other members of Congress, also spoke with families who were waiting for asylum across the border in Mexico. A list of those waiting is kept by the Mexican government.

According to McGovern, “not a single person has gotten off the list in nearly a week.”

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