Report Alleges Former Andover Youth Services Director Pocketed Donations

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ANDOVER, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — A former Andover Youth Services Director has been accused of funneling donations from the independent non-profit Andover Youth Foundation, Inc.

The Town of Andover commissioned law firm Nixon Peabody LLP to investigate Bill Fahey, who had been the director of AYS for 27 years until he was terminated in the spring of last year. The investigation began after the Eagle Tribune reported that text messages of Fahey's had surfaced and showed the former director was asking for money from an outside source. The Nixon Peabody report said that Fahey used donated funds meant for the AYF to pay himself and his own staff, which would be considered illegal under state law.

Massachusetts law generally forbids public employees to receive substantial "private gifts" over the value of $50 for or because of the employee's official position.

The Nixon Peabody report alleged that Fahey and his staff had taken a combined $100,000 worth of donations.

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Daniel Murphy of the Murphy Law Group, that represents Fahey, said that the allegations are false and a clear effort to destroy the former director's work and reputation.

"The Town wants to suggest that he engaged in wrongdoing because, in a very transparent manner, he was awarded on average just over $3,000 a year by the Foundation over a five year period of time, for his efforts outside of AYS," Murphy said. The statement also said that Fahey raised over $5 million dollars for Andover youth over the course of his tenure.

Fahey was originally fired from his position last spring over allegations that he had engaged in "inappropriate behavior" with a 16-year-old while working at AYF. Fahey denied the claims, and had filed suit against his former employer, Manager for the Town Andrew Flanagan, for wrongful termination.

WBZ's Karyn Regal (@Karynregal) reports.

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