Retired Hudson Doctor Provides Medical Treatment To Ukraine Refugees

Photo: WBZ NewsRadio / Kim Tunnicliffe

HUDSON, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — A retired Hudson doctor spent two weeks in Poland giving free medical assistance to Ukrainian refuges.

Dr. Brian Lisse traveled to a small Polish town about 12 miles from the Ukraine border to help provide medical aid to people who had come over the border for salvation.

Some of his patients risked their lives to flee Ukraine. One of them was a mom who fled Ukraine and traveled to Poland with her two children and mother. She drove halfway across the country past land mines on the side of the road, fearing the vibrations from her car could set them off.

"[I saw] everything from a little three-month-old with the sniffles, a lot of people who had high blood pressure that needed medication because they now ran out because they couldn't go back to their pharmacy in Ukraine to get it. And then there was a virus outbreak, I must have seen 60 or 70 people," Dr. Lisse told WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe.

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Dr. Lisse plans to go back to Poland on August 16 to continue his work.

Helping those in need is not unusual for Dr. Lisse and his wife Cindy.

The couple also runs a non-profit organization called Bridges to Malawi which delivers medical assistance to people without access in Africa.

"It's always a good thing to be able to feel like your helping," Dr. Lisse said, "These people needed my help and I was able to provide that and that was really nice."

Cindy is proud of her husband for going to Poland to help.

"I love him to death for it," Cindy said.

WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe (@KimWBZ) reports:

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