Robert Kraft Reveals Patriots 'Plan' To Bring Back Tom Brady

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Patriots owner Robert Kraft made a very quick comment about Tom Brady's future to TMZ, and it's giving life to Pats fans.

Kraft was spotted by reporters getting into a chauffeured car in New York City on Tuesday. The exchange is short and sweet, but significant.

As a TMZ Sports reporters yelled the question "Are we going to keep Tom in New England, Bob?" Kraft can be heard replying "We plan to," right before climbing into his ride.

Watch the exchange:

Shortly before Kraft made those comments, Hall of Fame Quarterback Joe Nameth also weighed in on whether or not he thinks Brady should relocate. Nameth told ESPN "I can't imagine that separation. Moving out of the New England area that he's been so accustomed to, and his family, that's a hard thing, too. I don't think he'll ever leave that totally behind, I really don't."

Still no word from the man himself, but last year 42-year-old Brady's trainer did mention that TB12 believes he could play until age 46 or 47.

Brady also responded to a message written on the ice of the Boston Public Garden Lagoon reading "STAY TOM" on Instagram, saying "Love you All <3 <3."

Tom Brady Responds To 'Tom Stay' Message On Public Garden Ice - Thumbnail Image

Tom Brady Responds To 'Tom Stay' Message On Public Garden Ice

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