See The Peak Of The Lyrid Meteor Shower Wednesday And Thursday

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The Lyrid meteor shower reaches its height on Wednesday and Thursday, and there's still time to see the shooting stars.

The Lyrid meteor shower happens every year in mid-to-late April.

Catching the meteor showers will require you to lose some sleep, as the event is most easily visible in the very early hours of the morning, after 2:30 AM until around 4:10 AM, said Wheaton College Astronomy professor Dipankar Maitra.

"The darker skies you get, the less moon you have, the better your viewing experience will be," he said.

Professor Maitra said this window of time is best for viewing the meteors because it's after the moon has gone down, but before the sun begins to rise.

Viewers should generally look in the northeastern sky around the constellation Lyra and the star Vega.

Another key tip: get out of the city. City light pollution will make the meteor showers much harder to see.

Maitra warned viewers not to get their hopes up too high, though.

"Go out with a friend or family...lie down somewhere where you have a good, clear view of the northeastern sky and see what you see. If something goes good, that's great. If not, have a good conversation about whatever," he said.

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