Shortage Of ICU Beds Causes Boston MedFlight's To Fly Farther

Photo: Getty Images

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Boston MedFlight, a non-profit organization, said that they have done at least a half dozen medical flights out of state because of a shortage of beds in the ICU. Boston Medflight CEO Maura Hughes said, "By far it's the busiest year in our history- we're seeing a high volume of really sick patients." Boston MedFlight has been in service for 36 years.

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Hughes said a large number of mental health patients were populating the short-staffed and overcrowded hospitals. The problem, she said, was that too many patients were delaying receiving care until they're critically ill, and a shortage of healthcare workers across the Commonwealth.

But it may get busier, as Hughes said, "We're not into the flu season yet, we're not into the RSV that children get during the winter, so it's a daily challenge and I'm worried about what's ahead of us."

WBZ's Kendall Buhl (@WBZKendall) reports.

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