Smoke Alarm In Somerville Driving Neighbors Insane

SOMERVILLE, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — The sound of what appears to be a slowly-dying smoke alarm is really getting to one resident on Marshall Street in Somerville. The beeping noise bothered the neighbor so much that they put up a sign begging the resident to change the batteries in the alarm.

"To the owner of the BEEPING SMOKE ALARM," the weather-stained sign begins, "You are slowly taking away my sanity. For months, your smoke alarm has been singing the song of death. This song resonates in my soul," it continues.

The poster goes on to describe a life of anguish filled with the continuous beep of the alarm in all of the neighbor's daily activities. At the end, the neighbor said they bought a 9-volt battery to end the smoke alarm's wail, made an email address just for this occasion, and would even lend out a stepladder to make it stop.

Taped just underneath the first sign is a sardonic, philosophically-inclined response that begins, "You know in your heart there is no smoke alarm. None in this world at least."

"The beeping you the cry of a soul whose 9-volt is running dangerously low. Is it some buried guilt you hear?" the note ponders. It ends by pinning the blame for the beeping squarely on the first poster, saying "Do not ask from where the beeping comes. It beeps in you."

WBZ NewsRadio reporter James Rojas went to Somerville, and said the only chirping he heard on Marshall Street was coming from the birds.

WBZ's James Rojas (@JamesRojasWBZ) has the story:

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(Photo: WBZ NewsRadio/James Rojas)

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