Southie Residents Attacked By Gang Of Aggressive Seagulls

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Some Southie residents on the street say the neighborhood is starting to feel like a certain Alfred Hitchcock movie.

There's been an uptick in complaints about Seagulls in South Boston in recent days, and the birds aren't letting up. They've swooped down and landed in people's hair, trying to grab up any little bit of food they can find.

It's spawned a variety of tactics to foil the winged interlopers.

"You can't really sit down and enjoy your food, they stay very close to you, and if you do make the mistake of feeding them one're in trouble," said Brett from Roslindale.

Mike from Southie had the opposite approach: "As a matter of fact, I feed them! They had to fly hundreds of miles to get a bite," he said.

Brett said he's personally seen the birds snatch hot dogs out of people's hands.

Jimmy — also from Southie — just wants the birds to leave him alone. "Well I don't have a black belt in seagull self-defense," he said with a chuckle. "I don't know, just throw a french fry at them and walk away, I guess," he said.

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