Stoughton Students To Protest Ban On Political, Pride Flags On Campus

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STOUGHTON, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Students at Stoughton High School are planning a protest against their school's administration over its ban on political flags waving on campus, including Black Lives Matter and Pride flags.

A number of students are looking to hold a protest outside the Stoughton School Committee meeting taking place on Tuesday night. Those against the district's policy tell WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe that the decision is divisive.

"I feel like it's really unfortunate because the flags re[resent where people come from and who they are as a person, so the banning of it is kind of like you're banning that person," one Stoughton junior said.

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Others weren't so sure, saying they could understand where Superintendent Thomas Raab was coming from when he implemented the ban.

"It's not just LGBTQ+ and BLM, but it's just in general, I think any type of flag that shows any political view shouldn't be in school— everybody has a mind of their own. I believe that if you believe in what they stand for go with it, but it shouldn't be forced onto other kids," a freshman at Stoughton High said.

As of Tuesday, more than 300 students have signed a petition in opposition of the flag ban. Superintendent Raab said the purpose behind the ban is to create a "neutral learning environment" in the classroom. Still, some students say that the ban isn't all-encompassing anyway, as the American flag is still allowed to stay up on campus.

"There's really nothing neutral. They ban every other flag, but there's still an American flag? You can't say it's neutral if you're only going to promote your own country— there's a lot of people from other countries who come here," said another student.

WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe (@KimWBZ) reports.

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