Stoughton's Tough Cookies Ready To Expand Its Meal Prep Service

Photo: Kim Tunnicliffe (WBZ NewsRadio)

STOUGHTON, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio)Tough Cookies, the family-run meal prep subscription service based out of Stoughton, is getting ready to expand its reach.

The roots of the company go back to 2017, when professional boxer Mark DeLuca asked his sister Allie Faherty and her husband Mike to create high nutrition meals for him during his intense training sessions.

"We started cooking for him, all his friends at the gym, and from there we were just like, this could really take off," Allie told WBZ NewsRadio Wednesday. "Got a kitchen, got our certificates, announced it to the public, and it’s just been growing so much ever since."

What began as a small service for Allie's brother and a few other athletes has evolved into a dedicated business with hundreds of customers and 4,000 rotating meals to choose from, including chicken enchiladas, spaghetti and turkey meatballs, taco meat stuffed peppers, burrito bowls, and a wide variety of other options for anyone's meal plan.

"Low carb, paleo, keto, high protein," Allie listed. "We have weight loss, balance, gain muscle meals, so there’s a lot of variety based on your needs."

"We use all natural ingredients, no preservatives, no additives. We won’t use real sugar, we use maple syrup, cocoa sugar, honey," continued Allie.

To accommodate the growing popularity, Tough Cookies is now preparing to expand its service to other parts of the Commonwealth and New England.

"We have a timeline of about three weeks to get to parts of Rhode Island, parts of New Hampshire, fully expand to the populated areas of Massachusetts," Mike said.

WBZ's Kim Tunnicliffe (@KimWBZ) reports.

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