Straight-Faced & Making Haste: TikToker Jed Documents MBTA Adventures

Jed (@jeddeo1) riding on the MBTA's Red Line to reach Alewife Station.Photo: Matt Shearer / WBZ NewsRadio

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — When it's not on fire and has working service, Greater Boston Area transit can be a great tool to reach North and South Shore municipalities, a practice that's no stranger to the straight-faced, Massachusetts-based TikToker named Jed.

Bound for Alewife Station in Cambridge, WBZ's Matt Shearer tagged along with Jed (@jeddeo1) for another one of his classic adventures on the rails of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.

Though he tends to change things up from time to time, Jed's content revolves around his journeys on the MBTA, during which he'll typically note serene points of nature, local businesses, and tasty cuisines, all while delivering a signature blank stare into the camera. Jed says he began documenting his train travels on TikTok as a way to fight boredom while his wife was out of town.

"She said, 'Jed, no one is ever going to watch this— that's dumb,' and then it got 30,000 views," Jed said.

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Jed takes his followers on a weekly trip around the state, though on occasion he's been known to wander outside the Bay State's lines to places like Vermont and Puerto Rico. He's familiar with the T, though with the recent happenings on the rails, Jed has choice words for the state of transit in the Boston area.

"I thought it worked well— and then it started catching fire and electrocuting things," Jed said.

To top off the visit, Matt and Jed competed in a legendary staring contest, something Jed says he likes to think he's good at. For those interested in seeing the journey in its entirety, viewers can watch Jed's perspective of his trip to Alewife here.

Matt and Jed partake in a staring contest at the end of the journey.Photo: Matt Shearer / WBZ NewsRadio

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) reports.

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