Students Walk Out Of Quincy High School After Hate-Speech Related Fight

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QUINCY, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Hundreds of students from Quincy High School walked out of class Friday morning, in protest of a year-old video containing "racist hate speech," that led to a fight between two students.

On Tuesday, Superintendent of Quincy Public Schools Kevin Mulvey and Quincy High School Principal Lawrence Taglieri issued a statement alerting parents of the fight, calling it "extremely disturbing to the entire school community."

The school administrators wrote, "There are clearly issues with culture and climate that require collaboration with outside resources and strategic planning in order to move forward with reinforcing our schools as safe and supportive environments."

According to the letter, the fight broke out at the end of the school day and was the result of an offensive video created by one of the students. "The video was created outside of school over a year ago but recently shared between students on social media," Mulvey and Taglieri said.

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The district called in Walker Therapeutic, a behavioral and educational service program, aiming to help the staff at Quincy High School address the issue with students in a meeting on Wednesday. The administrators said in the joint statement, "These are immediate responses to the ongoing work that will continue to be done with students on a daily basis through community building, health education, and interventions, and peer mentoring."

Another community forum will be held Monday, November 15 at Quincy High School.

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