Superbowl Commercial Writer Pays Tribute To Boston, Apologizes For 'Wicked'

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — You've probably already seen it; the Hyundai Superbowl commercial featuring some beloved Massachusetts celebrities with heavy accents talking about a remote self-parking car.

Hyundai's 'Smaht Pahk' ad is peak Boston, featuring local actors John Krasinski, Chris Evans, SNL's Rachel Dratch, and honorary Bostontian Big Papi Ortiz.

The ad got out a week before Superbowl Sunday, and it already has some Boston natives up in arms over its incorrect use of local slang.

Some people are taking issue with Rachel Dratch's line, where she exclaims "Wicked cah! Is that new?"

The problem seems to be the way 'wicked' is used as an adjective to describe the car, rather than as an adverb that means 'extremely.'

Later in the commercial Krasinski does use the word in the more typical Massachusetts way, calling it "wicked smaht."

WBZ NewsRadio's Drew Moholland spoke to the man behind the commercial, Eddie Babaian, about the process, the price of airing it during the Superbowl, and the proper way to use the word 'wicked' in a sentence.

"I would like to apologize if that didn't come across as 100% authentic," Eddie Babaian said. "The intention was definitely there. That's where my not being raised in Boston comes into play... but the intent to be 100% authentic was there, I apologize if we didn't get that absolutely correct."

Although he's not a New Englander himself, Babaian's father was raised in Belmont, Massachusetts. Growing up in L.A., Babaian said he "wanted to be a Bostonian" like his father, and he still follows Boston sports teams.

Despite some grammar-fans being wicked picky, scores of people on social media say they love the commercial and how it pays homage to the local accent.

Listen to the full interview with WBZ NewsRadio's Drew Moholland (@DrewWBZ) and Eddie Babaian here:

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