Survey Says Lowell Has Rudest Drivers In Massachusetts

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LOWELL, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio)— A new survey found that Lowell has the rudest drivers in all of Massachusetts.

The survey released by car insurance website Insurify found that around 42 out of every 1,000 drivers in Lowell were cited for rude driving behavior. This figure is 55 percent higher than the average for Massachusetts, according to Insurify. The national average rude driving rate is 22.65 per 1,000.

What exactly qualifies as rude driving behavior?

The survey said they included violations for failing to yield, failing to stop, improper backing up, tailgating, passing illegally, street racing and hit-and-runs. Insurify put the survey together by looking at over 4 million car insurance applications to see which cities had the most violations.

While Lowell ranked the highest in the state of Massachusetts, it did not make the list for the top three cities with the rudest drivers in the country.

The survey found the rudest drivers in the country are in Rancho Cordova, California, where around 65 in every 1,000 drivers were cited for rude behavior. California also had the second and third rudest cities, while Somerset, Kentucky had the most polite drivers, with a rude driver rate of 1.62 per 1,000.

As for other New England States, Bristol, Connecticut and Pawtucket, Rhode Island ranked the highest in their respective states. Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont were not included due to a lack of data.

WBZ's Drew Moholland (@DrewWBZ) reports.

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