Sweet Cheeks In Fenway Offers Free Biscuits To Those Vaccinated

Photo: Sweet Cheeks Q

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) – Those who are vaccinated against Covid-19 got a buttery, flaky treat at one restaurant in the Fenway area Sunday.

Unvaccinated individuals received a free buttermilk biscuit from Sweet Cheeks if they got the shot at nearby Tiger Mama.

Greg Dickinson with Big Heart Hospitality loves their biscuits said this effort is "a nice little thank you for doing the right thing."

Dickinson said Tiger Mama and Sweet Cheeks teamed up with Boston Health and Human Services to offer free vaccines.

“We’re doing it on a day that the Red Sox are playing so there’s a lot of people in the neighborhood,” he said. “Our hope is that anybody who hasn’t been able to get the vaccine for whatever reason can stop by today and get one.”

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Kyle lives nearby and could not beat the convenience of getting a free biscuit.

“I actually got my first dose at CVS about a mile and a half away,” he said. “It was very convenient just to come down and get it taken care of.”

Kyle’s girlfriend, who was already fully vaccinated, got a free biscuit too just for tagging along.

WBZ's Suzanne Sausville (@wbzSausville) says Forbes Magazine has called the biscuits the best in the world:

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