Take A Wild Ride In Chelmsford: Snowstorm Doesn't Stop Residents

Photo: Matt Shearer / WBZ NewsRadio

CHELMSFORD, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — It's no secret that rain or shine, or in this case heavy snow, New Englanders will trudge onwards and continue on with their business. It's a sentiment that was clearly on display during WBZ's Matt Shearer's trip to Chelmsford, where he was tasked to find something cool to do. He found many residents were out and about, and ran into one man who offered to take him on a daring motorcycle sidecar ride through the storm.

"I got an extra jacket so if you want to go for a ride. Your fingers hurt at first, and then if you're out long enough they stop hurting. If someone's about T-bones us, you can scream— I won't be able to hear you," said Colin Piette of Carlisle.

"Does it make you feel better that I can't see anything?" Piette said in the middle of the ride. After a pit stop to the local Dunkin' to warm up, Piette's motorcycle started making funny noises and a few miles into the trip, the pair decided to head back to where the WBZ Mobile was parked.

"I'm like 10 percent concerned we won't make it back. This has happened before, and I looked down and my foot was on fire," Piette said.

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Piette admitted it takes a bit of bribery to get his girlfriend to ride in the sidecar.

"The only way I can get her into the sidecar is to go through Starbucks," Piette said.

Either way, the motorcycle rides are sticking around much like the snow on the ground— as Piette enjoys the weather that New England has to offer.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) reports.

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