Gov. Baker: MA National Guard Welcomes Transgender Soldiers

charlie baker governor

Gov. Charlie Baker. (Photo courtesy Sen. Ed Markey)

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and his administration are reiterating their support for transgender soldiers in the Massachusetts National Guard, despite a federal ban on openly transgender people serving in the military.

"The federal government's policy with respect to transgender people serving in the military is shameful," Gov. Baker said Thursday. "Anybody who wants to put on a uniform and put themselves in harm's way to serve this nation and to preserve and protect the liberty and the freedom that we all enjoy deserves our thanks, our gratitude, and our appreciation."

The governor made the comments after the Associated Press reported Thursday that Thomas Turco, the Massachusetts Secretary of Public Safety, said in a letter to state lawmakers that Baker's administration "will continue to support transgender soldiers and airmen in serving our Commonwealth with dignity and respect."

"We are, like many other states, working hard with our colleagues in Washington to see if we can get the federal government to change their mind," Baker said. "But as far as we're concerned, anybody who wants to serve, we're happy to have them."

Hear Gov. Baker's comments below

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