Tunes Over Tobacco: Boston's Berklee Students Compose Musical Remedies

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Melodic remedies are reverberating in the halls over at Berklee's College of Music in Boston, in an attempt to curb nicotine addiction and smoking habits through song.

Director of Berklee's Music and Health Institute Doctor Joy Allen partnered with Nicorette to deliver "SmokeLess Break Beats," a collection and listening experience that uses the science of music therapy to cut down on the need to smoke during breaks. Allen says music plays a large role in how we live, reducing cravings and regulating our psychological and psychological needs.

"Some of us use it to pace ourselves when we're running, some of us use it to sing in the shower. Music hits the same reward centers as nicotine does in the brain," Allen said.

According to a statement from Nicorette, the original compositions come in four playlists that are available on Spotify, crafted to inspire relaxation, focus, confidence, and physical release.

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WBZ's Matt Shearer caught up with some of students who helped compose the medicinal melodies, all while listening to one of their tracks: "New Beginnings."

"Each of those tracks were meant to provide one of those aspects that we think a smoker would be wanting to achieve by smoking a cigarette," Berklee Student Leasia McKnight said.

Another track called "Adventurer Within," aims to take the listener to a calming mindset, something its composer Yuval Gur said helps him in his own life.

"It's supposed to get you through a journey, making yourself either more relaxed or more confident. I found myself helping people much like me and that's something I'm very proud of," Gur said.

In order to find the playlist best suited for each listener, Nicorette offers a "cravings" quiz to personalize each composition.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) reports.

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