UMass. Expert Says Watering Lawn During Heat Wave May Help Environment

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The messaging to conserve water is everywhere — especially during this heat wave — and your lawn might be one of the first guzzlers to get cut off.

But one UMass expert said letting your lawn shrivel up and die in a heat wave might not be a more environmentally friendly option than keeping it green.

"The more turf grass plants that you have, and the healthier and more active those plants are, the more carbon you're going to pull out of the atmosphere," said Jason Lanier, the Turf Specialist with the UMass Extension program. In other words, letting the lawn go brown is fine, and will conserve water — but keeping your plants healthy and green will help clean the atmosphere by sequestering carbon.

Lanier said it's typically better to water your plants deeply, but occasionally, instead of all the time but only with a little water, though this week's heat wave is an exception, and will require more watering than usual.

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