UMass Students Make Unique Discovery At Remembrance Park in Plymouth

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PLYMOUTH, Mass (WBZ NewsRadio) – Construction of Remembrance Park in Plymouth, a memorial to both the Native Americans and Pilgrims, is scheduled to begin either later this year or early next year.

Professor David Landon, Associate Director of the Fiske Center at the University of Massachusetts Boston, led a group of students through an archeological dig that turned up a collection of unusual items. According to Landon, this was not the haul that archeologists typically find.

“We’re used to finding things that people threw out as trash,” Landon says. “This was actually a collection of carefully curated personal things that were gather together.”

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The professor and his students found fragments of clothing, buttons, sewing implements, jewelry, eyeglasses, a pocket watch and even parts of what appeared to be a man’s uniform.

“It’s a very kind of unusual collection of objects that seem to have been intentionally gathered,” he adds.

Landon speculates that the items were gathered by Judith Jackson, one of the last residents of the property. He believes this collection could serve as a memorial for her three children, all of whom died before her.

Landon adds that there is still tons of work ahead to determine who definitively left these items behind.

WBZ's Art Cohen reports

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