University If New England Now Home To Rare Split-Colored Lobster

Photo: The Univeristy of New England

BIDDEFORD, Maine (WBZ NewsRadio) — Maine is known for its delicious lobster and now one lucky crustacean has avoided being served for dinner, because researchers say its is an extremely rare catch.

Last week, a split-colored lobster was brought to the University of New England's Marine Science Center in Maine.

The University said on their website, the half-orange, half-brown crustacean is a one-in-50 million catch.

To put that into perspective, Blue lobsters are one-in-two million and Albino lobsters are the rarerest at one-in-100 million.

The split-colored lobster was donated to the center by Eric Payne from Inland Seafood Corporation.

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In February, UNE became home to a one-in-30 million rare yellow lobster affectionately named Banana. Now, the search is on to find the best name for the newest resident of the Marine Science Center.

The split lobster will be housed with Banana, and some have suggest calling it "Banana Split."

“We are honored that local lobstermen entrust these rare animals to UNE’s Marine Science Center where we will use them in our teaching and outreach activities,” said Markus Frederich, Ph.D., professor of marine sciences.

The university has received a $860,000 grant from the National Sciences Foundation to study the impact of global warming on the Gulf of Maine and its lobster population.

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(Photo: The University of New England)

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