Volo Hosts Inaugural Broomball Winter Classic In Fenway Neighborhood

Photo: Jay Willett/WBZ NewsRadio

BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — Adult sports club Volo held its inaugural Broomball Winter Classic at The Rink at 401 Park in Boston's Fenway neighborhood Sunday.

Broomball is an ice hockey-like team sport where players wear shoes instead of skates, use brooms instead of sticks, and push around a ball instead of a puck.

Helmets, shin pads, and elbow pads are a must, according to Volo Sports Coordinator Jon Moses.

"We don’t want anyone getting hurt and Monday morning they have to send an e-mail to their boss saying how they broke their arm playing broomball yesterday," Moses said.

"We’re here to have fun. We’re gonna slip around a lot. There’s no professionals," added one player.

The round robin tournament saw teams like Broom Roasted, Broom Sauce, and The Abominable Snowplows shuffle around the ice, trying to rack up the best record to take the title.

"We’re out here, we’re gonna pack a whole season’s worth of energy into two games," another player said.

Also playing in Sunday's tournament was a team called The High Sticks, a peculiar name given the act of high sticking (swinging the stick above the waist) is a big no-no.

"Everyone is usually pretty good, but [we're] always watching for high sticks," referee Mark Cunningham told WBZ NewsRadio.

Inappropriately using your feet is also on the naughty list.

"No kicking the ball in broomball," Cunningham said. "We do have soccer leagues, if people want to kick they can go play soccer, but not in broomball."

WBZ's Jay Willett (@JayWillettWBZ) reports.

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