Westport Students Hospitalized After Using E-Cigarette With THC

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WESTPORT, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Two Westport high school students were taken to the hospital on Friday after using an e-cigarette that contained a mix of THC and nicotine.

One of the students that used the e-cigarette started behaving erratically and became violent. He was then restrained "for his safety and the safety of first responders," police said in a statement.

That student, as well as another student, were taken to the hospital. Several other students also ingested the e-cigarette. Those that were not hospitalized were "evaluated by the school nurse and Westport Fire Department Paramedics," according to police.

"Members of the Westport High School staff and administration should be credited with their quick response in making sure all students remained safe and received the proper medical treatment," Westport Detective Sgt. Christopher Dunn said in a statement.

The school's principal, Mitchel Aho, responded in a letter saying that "every effort was made to minimize the impact" of the incident.

"While school staff and Westport first responders acted quickly, we recognize that these situations can be upsetting," Aho said. "We will continue to prioritize the safety of our learning environment and well-being of our students, and as always, we will review our emergency response."

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