Women In Weed

On this weeks episode of Blunt Talk, Brit speaks with Beth Waterfall about the status of women in the national cannabis industry.

Beth, co-founder of Elevate NE, has advice for those thinking about a career in cannabis, and tells her own story about getting started in the world of marijuana marketing.

Is New Hampshire Close To Legal, Recreational Weed? Sort Of
Is New Hampshire Close To Legal, Recreational Weed? Sort Of
The New Hampshire State House approved a bill that would legalize recreational cannabis in the Granite State—but there are still several hurdles in the way.

You'll also hear about Brownie Mary, an early medical marijuana pioneer who infamously passed out pot brownies to AIDS patients while volunteering at San Francisco General Hospital in the eighties.

And of course, we'll break down this week's news - from New Hampshire's continuing push for legal weed to the increasing amount of pot women in California are buying.



New Hampshire House Passes Bill To Legalize

FDA Exploring Alternative Approaches To Regulate CBD

San Francisco Expunges 8100 Cannabis Convictions Dating Back To 1975

Study: Women In CA Bought Double The Amount Of Cannabis In 2018 Vs 2017

MA CCC Considers Social Consumption Recommendations From Cannabis Advisory Board


Vermont Senate Passes Marijuana Sales Legalization Bill

NY Considers Using Pot Money To Fund Subway System

GOP Senator Reveals Trump’s Thoughts On Sessions

Study: Microdosing Psychedelics

Spike Jonze: History Of Cannabis


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