Worcester Themed Monopoly Boards Draw Reactions From Locals

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WORCESTER, Mass (WBZ NewsRadio) — Customer pick ups for "Monopoly: Worcester Edition" boards began Tuesday at Table Talk Pies in Worcester, adding it to merchandise sold alongside their pies.

The game boards were revealed to be sold at Table Talk Pies with a post on their Facebook. The game included many Worcester locations like Kelley Square, the Worcester Historical Museum, and Shrewsbury Street.

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Most customers were satisfied with the game, emphasis on the word "most." WBZ's Matt Shearer spoke to Ralph's Tavern owner Scot Bove who alleged that the game's creators designed it to be "pay-to-play," meaning that the businesses featured in the game paid to be on it. Ralph's Tavern did not make it onto the Monopoly board.

"I've got a wood chipper coming, I'm going to start chipping the boards," said Bove. But despite the sight of Monopoly boards being shredded, Bove said that the display would also be a fundraiser that aimed to raise money for Bree Allard, a regular at Ralph's Tavern who had entered a coma.

"She's got a long road ahead of her, we care and love her here- hopefully she can make a few dollars out of it," said Bove.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) reports.

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