Wrong Turn: Driver Follows GPS Onto Newton Golf Course

NEWTON, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — A driver in Newton is safe after trying to find the highway, but instead finding the fairway.

Wednesday morning started peaceful at Brae Burn Country Club with the sun shining, birds chirping but then maintenance worker Dave noticed an S.U.V on the edge of a steep slope.

"It makes the day a little more exciting I guess," said Dave. Dave then had a mystery on his hands, how did this black S.U.V get stuck on the 6th hole?

"The only way to get up there is with cart paths, which are the width of a golf cart," said Dave.

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The driver told Dave he had been stuck there since 2 A.M., when he followed his Waze GPS app down a wrong turn. The driver said it was very dark out when he was followed the GPS.

Dave found the S.U.V around 5 A.M.

"Usually, the gates are closed and it's private property. I guess the one time it gets unlocked this type of thing happens, lesson learned I guess," said Dave.

Dave added he hopes the driver learned a lesson from this experience and he added, the police understood his story and let him off with a warning.

WBZ NewsRadio's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) Reports:

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(Photo: Getty Images)

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