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Tim Maxwell, President and CEO, GreenEarth Cleaning

GreenEarth® Cleaning, the world’s largest brand of environmentally friendly dry cleaning, offering the industry’s only non-toxic cleaning alternative, recently named Tim Maxwell as its chief executive officer (CEO). Maxwell had served as president of the company since 2003.

In his role as CEO, Maxwell will continue oversight of GreenEarth Cleaning and the company’s network of Affiliates. GreenEarth’s proprietary products and processes are available at more than 6000 points of consumer contact around the globe.

“What has been most gratifying to me over the past 20 + years, has been the commitment by so many members of both the Affiliate network, and the staff at GreenEarth to innovate the system to not only reduce energy and additive usage, but provide the lowest overall operational cost to garment care providers,” said Maxwell. “Expansion of our Affiliate Network has been deliberate and measured over the past 24 years.” commented Maxwell, “We are proud to include some of the finest garment care providers in the world among our Membership – whether that be a 7 Star hotel in Dubai, the holder of the Royal Warrant in England, or a family-run counter in Minneapolis.”

Added Maxwell, “Providing a kinder clean in even more markets in the coming years is a “challenge accepted” for the GreenEarth Team.”

Maxwell and his wife Karen enjoy traveling from their home base in Kansas City with their two adult children, Kelsey and Kolin.

About GreenEarth® Cleaning:

“Doing business without doing harm” has been the mission statement of GreenEarth Cleaning since its birth in 1999. Founded by partners, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, and three drycleaners – Jim Barry, Ron Benjamin, and Jim Douglas, the System utilizes a proprietary product line of pure silicone and unique “cold” filtration media, which provides consumers with the best possible fabric care while lowering energy costs by more than 50 percent from traditional drycleaning systems. Global regulatory agencies have deemed the unique silicone dry cleaning medium to be environmentally non-toxic, allowing GreenEarth Affiliates to completely eliminate hazardous waste removal fees. Leading dry cleaners, hotels, property owners, fashion brands, and financial institutions recognize GreenEarth Cleaning as the clear leader in meeting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives. For more information, visit

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