Substitute Teacher Accused Of Kissing 4th Graders, Giving Them Lapdances


A substitute teacher at Halethorpe Elementary School in Maryland is being investigated for allegedly giving fourth-grade students lap dances and kissing them on the cheek. Authorities are looking into the matter after some of the parents filed a police report.

According to the Baltimore Sun, one of the parents, Sandra Zook, said the female teacher "held my son's hands above his head, she was sitting on a chair, pulled him toward her, crossed her legs over his legs and kissed him on the cheek twice."

Zook added that the teacher then "proceeded to sit on him and bounce up and down on his lap."

Another parent, Laura Glover, said the teacher embarrassed her ten-year-old daughter during a "clapping game" in which students were asked to identify body parts, including nipples and breasts. 

Two of the students left the classroom and told the school's guidance counselor about what was going on. The guidance counselor and the school's assistant principal went to the classroom and immediately removed the teacher

"We simply will not tolerate any inappropriate behavior by staff, and an investigation is ongoing. We are still gathering information on the teacher in question, but we can say these are the first allegations we know of against this individual," Brandon Oland, Baltimore County Public Schools spokesman, said.

Police officials confirmed they have launched an investigation into the incident, but have not arrested or charged the substitute teacher.

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