NightSide with Dan Rea - Rundown for 12/11/2017

NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for December 11, 2017

Marisa DeFranco is in for Dan

Terror Attack in NYC!  Earlier today, a bomber attempted to set off an explosive device in a New York City subway walkway during the busy morning commute.  Luckily, the homemade device did not fully detonate, and the only person injured was the bomber himself.  Authorities have reported that the bomber was attempting to carry out an attack in the name of ISIS, and had learned how to make the bomb by watching and reading ISIS propaganda materials online.  As we approach the heart of the Christmas season do you worry about possible terror attacks?  Knowing that ISIS has issued warnings about “Christmas in New York”, do you think there will be another effort over the next few weeks?  How do we stop these ISIS-inspired attacks?  Call in and join the conversation!

Trump Travel Ban Upheld!  Just as immigration attorney Marisa DeFranco predicted earlier this year, President Trump’s travel ban has been upheld by the Supreme Court.  The highest court in the land ruled last week that the travel ban will be allowed to remain in place while legal challenges to the ban are working their way through the lower courts.  This is a huge win for Trump, and suggests that no matter how the lower courts end up ruling, the Supreme Court will deliver the final word on whether the ban is allowed to stay in place.  Do you think the ban, which focuses on six specific countries, should remain in effect?  Do the President’s alleged anti-Muslim tweets and statements make our country more or less safe?  Call in and add your voice to the mix!

Nightside with Dan Rea

Nightside with Dan Rea

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