NightSide with Dan Rea - Rundown for 12/20/17

The DCF is Still a Mess!  Massachusetts State Auditor Suzanne Bump has been sparring with Governor Baker over her office’s recent audit of the Department of Children and Families.  While Bump’s office found some extremely troubling statistics regarding unreported injuries and abuse, Governor Baker claims the audit uses data from two or three years ago and is both “inaccurate” and “irresponsible”.  Tonight, Auditor Bump joins Dan in the NightSide studio to talk about what her office found and why she feels the DCF still needs to make some major changes.  Tune in to hear her thoughts, then call in and join the conversation!

The Passing of Cardinal Law.  Cardinal Bernard Law was at one time a highly respected and influential leader for the U.S. Catholic Church.  But after the Boston Globe Spotlight team exposed his efforts to cover up the priest abuse scandal, he was eventually forced to step down.  Early Wednesday morning, Cardinal Law passed away in the Vatican at the age of eighty-six.  His death has brought mixed reactions, especially around Boston, as many feel that Law was never held fully accountable for his actions.  This afternoon, while delivering remarks about Law’s passing, Cardinal Sean O’Malley reflected that though most will remember Law for his part in the abuse scandal, “his pastoral legacy has many other dimensions”.  What are your thoughts on the passing of Cardinal Law?  Call in and tell us what’s on your mind!

Nightside with Dan Rea

Nightside with Dan Rea

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