NightSide with Dan Rea - Rundown for 2/1/18

Rep. Geoff Diehl In Studio!  Massachusetts State Representative Geoff Diehl is hoping to challenge U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren for her seat in November, but he’ll have to get his party’s nomination first.  Tonight, Rep. Diehl joins Dan in the NightSide studio to talk about his platform and why he believes he’s the best choice to represent the people of the Commonwealth.  What issues do you think he should be focused on?  Do you want to see a Republican take Senator Warren’s seat?  Tune in to hear what ideas and policies Rep. Diehl is ready to fight for, then call in and join the conversation!

Do You Struggle with Sleep?  Roughly sixty million Americans deal with some form of insomnia every year.  Scientists know very little about how chronic sleeplessness works or why it disproportionally affects women and people over the age of sixty-five.  But Rick Clerici, a certified clinical sleep educator, has some tips and advice to help make sure you get the most out of your nighttime hours.  Tune in to hear his thoughts, then call in with your comments or questions and be a part of the show!

Release the Memo?  After much debate in both the press and our nation’s capital, the memo written by Rep. Nunes regarding the Russia investigation is expected to be released within the next day or two.  Though the House Committee has been warned by the FBI, the Department of Justice, and Senators from both parties, the committee voted (on party lines) to release the memo anyway.  The same committee also voted to block the release of the minority party’s response.  Are you worried that a memo that reportedly has “material omissions of fact that fundamentally impact the memo’s accuracy” could compromise an ongoing investigation?  If the committee is going to release one party’s memo containing classified info, should they also release the other party’s response?  Can a memo based on classified materials that was written by someone who hasn’t even seen the actual materials bring about any real meaningful dialogue?  Call in and tell us what’s on your mind!

Nightside with Dan Rea

Nightside with Dan Rea

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