NightSide with Dan Rea - Rundown for 3/21/18

To Due or Not to Due?  Unions have been a shrinking part of the United States’ labor force for decades.  But a case now being considered by the Supreme Court could have a major effect on their long-term viability.  The question the court must rule on is whether it is acceptable for public sector unions to collect dues from all employees, regardless of whether they choose to be members.  Those supporting the unions say that if employees are able to enjoy the higher salaries and increased benefits that come with collective bargaining, they should have to pay their fair share.  Critics say that it is unfair to force workers to pay for unions since they are often politically active.  Charles Chieppo, a senior fellow with the Pioneer Institute, joins Dan in the NightSide studio to share his thoughts.  Call in and give us yours!

Pi Day (Rescheduled)!  Last week, many across the country celebrated Pi Day, the most mathematical of all the holidays.  But with all of the baking and pizza-making, have we lost sight of what 3/14 is supposed to be all about?  Eric O’Dea, Education Associate with the Boston Museum of Science, talks with Dan and the rest of NightSide Nation about the importance of Pi and why it’s worth all the pomp and circumference.  Don’t be irrational, call in and join the conversation!